Kiss Hershey Back 2015!

Kiss Hershey Back 2015 will be held on Saturday, May 2, 2015. We will update this website as well as the Facebook page so check back for more details as we get closer! If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

The members of Kiss Hershey Back would also like to thank all the volunteers that came out to the event in 2014. We appreciate the help and hope you continue to volunteer in the future.

In total 108 bags of trash, 4 tires, 1 door, and 1 pile of wood was collected. In addition, $300 was raised by the raffle and T-shirt sales.

Possible Prizes! 2014

The following packages are available at the prize drawing!

Ticket Prices
- 1 ticket for $2
- 3 tickets for $5
- 8 tickets for $10

Lady's Package #1
- $120 in value for Salon Dynamics and Hershey Gardens

Lady's Package #2
- $70
in value for Leo’s on Chocolate Salon and Spa and Hershey Gardens

Family Food and Dining Package #1
Over $100 in value to Cocoa Diner, Red Robin, Friendly’s and more

Family Food and Dining Package #2
Over $50 in value to Cocoa Diner, Bricker’s Pizza, Friendly’s and more

Hershey Attractions
- Over $100 in value to Hershey Theatre, Antique Auto Museum, Hershey Story and more

Guy's Package
- Over $50 in value to Adventure Sports Mini Golf, Fire Alley Restaurant and Bar and more

Bring your old cell phones to the pre-event!

Have any of those old cell phones lying around the house, long out of battery life and way out of style? Bring them to the pre-event to recycle them! Not only does this keep Hershey beautiful by preventing hazardous waste but it will also help others around the world! We will be donating them to Hope Phones which is an amazing organization!

A little about KHB

Kiss Hershey Back is a township-wide cleanup effort led by College of Medicine students to try and make the Sweetest Place on Earth also the Cleanest Place on Earth. This project was started four years ago by five first year medical students who wanted to give back to the community. This community-driven event was supported by the Derry Township Board and Department of Public Works along with local community organizations and businesses. In its first year, more than 800 community members turned out on the date to pick up litter in Derry Township’s parks, near its greenways, and along its rural roads.

This year Kiss Hershey Back will be Saturday, May 2, 2015 from 11 am to 2 pm. The schedule is as follows: pre-event will be from 9 am to 10:30, getting ready for the clean up from 10 - 10:30 am, and the actual clean up/planting from 11 am to 2 pm.

The Kiss Hershey Back Committee

2015 Board Members:

President: Elise Madar
IT/Historian: Brandon Dudeck
Co-Event Chairs: Lauren Moore and Shivani Goel
Pre-Event Chairs: Brittney Imblum and Max Hennessy
Treasurer: Dave Fanelli
PR: Kelly McCullagh
Volunteer Coordinator: Faith D'Amico
Fundraising Chair: Laura Krecko

T-shirt front

T-shirt front

T-shirt Back

T-shirt Back

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Free breakfast to kick-off the event!

Volunteers, please join us for a free, family friendly pre-event breakfast to kick off the clean-up efforts! The event will take place from 8am to 10am, before everyone heads off to the sites, on April 26th at the Hershey Medical Center Campus. Along with breakfast, we will be holding a raffle with many prizes available such as gift cards to dining in the area. We will also be hosting a few township representatives who will speak to us on behalf of your hard work.

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Want to get Involved?

We are looking for businesses sponsors and everyone to come out on Saturday, May 2, 2015. If you or your business/ church/ organization would like to get involved with Kiss Hershey Back, please email us. Include your name and the name of your organization (if applicable). We will contact you shortly!

A Message from the Chairman of Derry Township"s Board of Supervisors

Some More Important Safety Tips!

Please look at the following website for information regarding ticks. It includes prevention tips as well as instructions on tick removal.

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